Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Dr. Amos M.D. Sirleaf, Ph.D.

914 East Tantallon Drive
Fort Washington, Maryland 20744
(301) 292-7111 (home); (301) 367-0413 (cell)
Email: amdsirleaf@hotmail.com
Websites: www.geocities.com/amdsirleaf or blacology.com

Synopsis of my areas of expertise includes the following:

Specialist in Academic Research and Teaching Conflict Management and Resolution and International Relations.
I have Over 20-years of Academic Teaching and Administration. Knowledge of MD-DC-VA- and Texas Academic Codes with specific emphasis on secondary and post –Secondary-Community College and University education program. As a product of Community College orientation with Masters Degree in Sociology/Social Work, I teach counseling with administrative experience. I have the knowledge and skills in educational theories in an Urban and Rural perspectives. I can relate to a diverse people within the community college population.
I have a Homeland Security Research and Teaching experience,
Social Services, Employers-Students-Faculty Relations Specialist,
Specialist in Work Environment Safety. Law Enforcement-Criminal Justice-Police Science and Administration. Proactive Crime Prevention Experience, Crisis Management and Resolution in a College Environment. Security and Safety in a University Community and the public in general. Professor of Law Enforcement-Criminal Justice and Research. Compliance, Policy, and Procedural Enforcement Experience, Orientation Specialist, Specialist in Recruitment, Retention, Sourcing, Screening, processing qualified personals. Alternative Dispute Management and Resolution, Rehabilitation and Training of Child Soldiers and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Victims of the Liberian-Sierra Leone Civil Wars. Katrina, Tsunami. Supporting Traumatized Child Soldiers, students, and victims and organizations to provide appropriate and sustainable individualized and family-focused care to Child Soldiers, children, youth, and families in our Foster Care Program. Experiences in Field and Residential Services for youth and adults. I was responsible for research, teaching, Coordination with officials and, Philanthropic and Benevolence individuals within the community, and other financial and grant proposal negotiation for the NON-Profit Organization.
Designed and implement innovated and sustainable programs for employees, children, adults, and senior citizens. Recruitment and Retention. Maintaining network with partners in progress.
Post-Conflict Analysis, Management and Reconciliation. Alternative Dispute Resolution Expert.
Women Empowerment, Employees Empowerment, and Safety and Security for Youth, students, and Adult Facilities, Forster Care facilitation experience. Cultural, Ethnic, and Religious Diversity Expert
Specialist in Safety and Security Improvement with emphasis on Ant-Terrorism
A 21st century Post-911 Homeland Security expert with specific emphasis on (WMD) Weapons of Mass Destruction, Safety and Security
Specialist in Cultural Diversity, Academic Opportunity and Decentralization, and Women Empowerment.

As my Curriculum Vitae shows, I have a Ph.D. in African Studies with an emphasis in Conflict Resolution Management and International Relations from Howard University Department of African Studies and Research; a Master’s degree in Sociology/Social Work and a Bachelor’s degree in Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice, Police Science, Pre-Law and Legal Research, from Prairie View A&M University in Texas.

My interest in this position is indeed motivated by the areas of expertise. Through out my professional career, I have committed to working on issues impacting specifically on students, faculty, and public Security and Safety. Case management, Social Services nationally and internationally, especially in the United States where I have spent almost half of my adult life in teaching and research in various institutions of higher learning. I also served as an instructor as Police Officer- Sergeant in Academic Institutions. Communities, university campuses, student affairs, faculty & staff and the public

For more than fourteen years, I have worked as a Special Police Officer and as graduate student in the Howard University Campus Police Department in Washington DC, where I have used my Police Scientific Experiences, Alternative Dispute Resolution, Conflict Resolution skills, along with my Law Enforcement/Criminal Justice experience, my Sociology/Social work-Case Management to resolve differences and conflict among students without resorting to violence. I responded to crime scenes to provide preliminary investigations, process cases in the DC Criminal Court. From 1997 to 1999, I represented Howard University Campus Police Department to assist in the provision of teaching police officers the processes of mediation and conflict resolution to reduce the threats of suicide and suicide among police officers and students. During my services at Howard, I have used the diversity of my professional and personal experiences to convey message to students. Over the years, I have given orientation presentations to incoming Howard University Law students about the essence of cultural diversity, safety and security at Howard University in general and the Law School in particular.

I have vigorously engaged in Working from a national and an international perspective with people, children, women, men, out of wars without out hope. I have served in numerous national and international organizations to create an avenue for peaceful resolutions with an alternative dispute resolution mechanism as a back up plan. I have participated with other scholars in many conferences in Washington DC and around the world for an alternative to violence conflict, Safety and Security with reference to Post 911 Security Strategies. Indeed, my advocacy and commitment are not limited to the above analyses. As a professor and an Academic Administrative Leader, the most satisfying experience for me has been to make my students experts in their areas of interests. Because, as expressed before, that scholastic objective is achieved through commitment of providing one-on-one interaction, strong instructional leadership, class presentations, and high expectation for success for all students, frequent monitoring of students progress and providing effective research methods to facilitate new innovations. I have always applied these philosophies in all of my life’s worth and I have been successful in accomplishing my objective. I have always encouraged my students as I do in administration, to acquire the knowledge and develop the skills and work habits necessary to enable them to become productive members of society and the global community.

I believe that I have the leadership qualities for any task. I am a visionary that will enhance the department’s mission and objective. I welcome the opportunity to serve with you all as fellow positive, progressive, and productive citizens to help our people, our children, and our institution. I am versatile with multi-scholastic background. I hope that my CV and Cover Letter will meet your approval and I hope to have the opportunity to meet with you all to further discuss my qualifications. You can log on my website: www.geocities.com/amdsirleaf or blacology.com.


Dr. Amos M.D. Sirleaf, (Ph.D.) 301-367-0413 cell